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Preparing for a Live In Caregiver in Houston TX

Expert Author Don Lalonde, Owner at Comfort Keepers of Houston TX

Live-in CareIt’s very important that you talk to your elderly loved one before you hire a senior caregiver. Although your desire is that you could take care of them full-time, you don’t have enough hours in the day to provide the quality of care that you want them to have and that they certainly deserve. Different parents will have a different reaction to the idea of having an in home senior caregiver.

Some people don’t have a problem getting their parents to accept the idea; others face nothing but opposition from their elder. If your aging mom (or elderly loved one) initially reacts in a negative way to the idea, don’t lose hope. It doesn’t hurt to try again to explain to her the reason why both of you need for her to have a live in caregiver.

See if you can get your mom talking about it. Get her to tell you if she thinks there is a better option to help her. Eventually most parents change their minds and agree, especially when they see that their needs will only increase over time. It’s better not to force the idea but at the same time, don’t drop it. Be unrelenting. Switching to in-home care can be started out real slow, to get her more comfortable with the idea and with the caregiver.

When you think about it, it’s reasonable for someone to be apprehensive about a stranger coming into the home to do laundry, give you a bath, put your clothes on and comb your hair or whatever kind of personal care your elderly mom needs help with. Cooking meals, dusting furniture and providing rides to the doctor are probably some of the services that your mom will more easily accept help with.

Let your mom meet the caregiver ahead of time. Start out with the caregiver being mostly a companion, doing light housework and providing transportation. Then as some time has gone by and your mom is more connected to the caregiver and has formed a bond with her, she will be more willing to let her help with all the other personal care tasks she needs help with.

Live in caregivers have been trained and are accustomed to the work they do. It frees up your time to give your elderly mom quality time where you can both enjoy doing something fun together instead of all your time being consumed with caregiving activities.

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